Cake & Cupcake Sizes

Cake Portions

Knowing what size cake to select can always be tricky when the number of guests can change. At Sweet White Box we are happy to change the size of your cake up to 1 week prior to delivery if your number guests change.You may like your cake to be coffee sized portions (2.5 by 2.5 by 9 cm) if there will be other desserts at the venue or you are serving it with accompaniments such as berries, ice-cream and cream. Alternatively you may like to cater dessert sized portions (2.5 by 5 by 9cm) if this will be the main dessert. When deciding what to order keep in mind that mud cakes are richer in flavour and guests tend to eat a smaller sized piece than if you had a butter cake. In addition to this, if it is a children’s party, they are also more likely to require the coffee sized portion.

Here's a general guide to round cake sizes

Cake SizeCoffeeDessert
6 inch2010
7 inch3015
8 inch4020
9 inch5025
10 inch6530
11 inch8040
12 inch9545
13 inch11055

Here's a general guide to square cake sizes

Cake SizeCoffeeDessert
6 inch3015
7 inch4020
8 inch5525
9 inch6530
10 inch8540
11 inch10050
12 inch12060
13 inch14070

Cupcake Sizes

Our cupcake range comes in 3 different sizes. When considering what size cupcake to order some things to consider are the age of your guests (e.g. children tend to eat smaller sizes), if there will be other desserts available and the theme of the event (e.g. high tea style). The sizes are:

  • Mini: 3.5 cm base
  • Regular: 4 cm base
  • Large: 5 cm base