About Sweet White Box

My name is Nicole and food, especially cakes, has been my passion for as long as I remember. After starting out as a Dietitian in the corporate world, I realised cake making and decorating was where my real passion was. Wanting to create the best possible cakes for my son’s birthdays, I took the opportunity to present my creations to family and friends and soon after found myself taking orders for my cakes. Turning this into a business made sense as it allows me to share the same joy I get when making these cake designs with others on their special occasions.

The name Sweet White Box was chosen from my memory of cakes as a child. Whenever my mum would bring home a white box, it was for a special occasion such as my birthday. I was always so excited to see what yummy cake my mum had picked for my birthday. I want my customers to feel the same level of excitement of wanting to know what is inside the ‘sweet white box’.